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That’s all?!?
Let’s get this straight: having an excellent background in grammar, being able to play with words, and recognizing the various nuances of meaning are invaluable for proper translation. With one’s own mother tongue this is difficult enough; with a foreign language, almost impossible.
Aside from a few rare exceptions, I firmly believe that proper translation can only be achieved to one’s own mother tongue. I can’t help but grin every time I see the astonishment and disappointment of those to whom I confess that I only translate from English and German. I think the word “translation” is frequently associated with multilingualism and the thorough knowledge of a thousand idioms, without taking into account that only a native speaker or a long-time foreign resident is able to catch the nuances of the vocabulary and the lexical evolution. Because of this, I always invite people to be suspicious of those who translate into foreign languages. This is why, even if I am bilingual, I resist translating into German, except for generic texts, that I always have reviewed and proof-read by another professional who is native to the tongue.


It is impossible to state a standard rate, even more so in times where we are facing fierce undercutting that almost always compromises good quality. Some prefer per word rates, others per page, others per line. I respond to my customers’ needs and provide ad hoc quotes. Using Trados, a CAT tool (computer-assisted translation), I am able to offer discounts for repetitions within a text or for ongoing projects. Please, feel free to get in touch with me by using my contact information.


Towards the beginning of my career I dealt with many different kinds of texts. However, the more time has passed, the more I have focused on specific fields to which I am better suited. Quite simply, I took my passions and made them my specialties, thus becoming an expert translator of tourism, marketing, publicity, gastronomy, coffee, fashion and cosmetics – all areas where I can give voice to my creativity and adapt the translation to various target audiences.

A special mention deserve wine and beer. In March 2013 I completed the first level of a course for sommeliers, which I attended to acquire the knowledge and terminology necessary to translate in these utmost fascinating fields. Wine, viniculture, tasting, sparkling wine, fortified wine and beer don’t have any secrets for me now.

Here’s an overview of what I translate:

  • travle & tourism
  • marketing & publicity (corporate magazines, catalogues, newsletters, websites)
  • gastronomy
  • wine & viniculture
  • beer
  • coffee
  • fashion
  • cosmetics